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Questions & Answers


Q: What is your turnaround time for online galleries? 
A: 3-4 weeks

Q: Are your online galleries permanent? 
A: Yes! The link should never expire. I pay an annual fee so my clients can enjoy their online galleries forever! 

Q: Do you send clients RAW images? 
A: I do not send RAW photos to clients. I spend 3-4 weeks editing your photos & only send hi-res JPEGs. Please take time to look at the photographs on my website to make sure you like the style I edit in. 

Q: Can I buy prints from you?
A: My online galleries come with a customizable print shop attached. Prints are sold separately.

Q: Do I have to buy prints from you, or can I print my photos anywhere? 
A: Once you have your online gallery, you will be able to hi-res download your photos. Which means you can print them anywhere! There is no need to get permission from me. 

Q: Do you have a second shooter? 
A: At this time, I am a solo photographer. 

Q: Do you post all of your work on social media like Facebook & Instagram? 
A: Yes! That's how I run my photography business. I can only take clients who are comfortable & consent to me posting their photos online. That includes social media & my website. 

Q: Do you allow refunds? 
A: I do not accept refunds once online galleries are sent. 

Q: What if I get my online gallery back & want more editing done? 
A: The goal of my photography business is to provide you with a beautiful, well-planned, organized online gallery. I do not re-edit photos once they are sent out. It is up to you & me to create a personalized shot list BEFORE our shoot together. It is the client's responsibility to communicate back & forth with me to make the desired results of your photos. 

Q: Can I post my photos online such as on Facebook & Instagram? 
A: Of course! It's encouraged! Just remember to tag @kristenwilliamsphoto 😊​

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